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7 Signs Of Discrimination Against Veterans At Work | PetsLoyal2Vets

7 Signs Of Discrimination Against Veterans At Work

By Donna Ballman
Sep 27th 2012

USERRA-ImageWhile American troops are overseas, fighting for their country, many people back home have “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers, hang yellow ribbons, and pray for their safe return. But once veterans return stateside, many find their employers aren’t jumping up and down to have them come back to work. Veterans often suffer discrimination in the workplace. Here are seven common signs of discrimination against veterans, and the laws that protect them:

1. An employer says the job is no longer available
2. The employer doesn’t want to hire veterans
3. The employer takes away accrued vacation time
4. Co-workers or bosses harass the veteran
5. An employer won’t hire a veteran due to his or her disability
6. The boss won’t give the veteran time off for a medical condition
7. The employer refuses to to give time off to care for a family member
And my favorites: by PL2Vets
8.  Employers who claim they are veteran and disabled friendly employers on their web pages and in hiring fairs so they qualify for government programs only to show by example, extremely small numbers of veterans compared to other groups of employees hired. When 1% out of 100 employees are veterans, that is not a veteran friendly company.
9.  Employers hire veterans to comply with Federal hiring programs, then target veterans within their organizations, trump up bogus company violations, burden the veteran with higher work loads than non-veterans and then find fault with their performances so the veteran either quits or is terminated under false pretenses.
10. Employers conspire with co-workers and management to harass and even intimidate veterans so they are forced to quit. This can come in the form of lack of support, working co-workers against the veteran, keeping the veteran out of the loop, creating unfriendly work environments, purposely creating excessive work loads for veterans, falsely accusing the veteran, ignoring or shunning the veteran, passing up the veteran for a promotion, refusing leave for medical reasons, falsely interfering with FMLA leave and violating the Americans With Disabilities Act to name just a few. Employers have with the help of their legal teams, orchestrate illegal activities against veterans as a pretext to violate their rights and weed them out. If you see this happening to you, make sure you protect yourself by collecting the facts, documentation and witness statements and then contact a very good veteran friendly law firm and the EEOC.

What To Do If Your Employer Breaks The Law:

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