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Understanding and Coping with PTSD | PetsLoyal2Vets

Understanding and Coping with PTSD

A 28 page white paper Supplemental Take-Home Module for the NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program”. For anyone wanting to know what PTSD is, how to recognize it and what types of treatments are available, this report is a must read. At 28 pages, it covers the subject in great detail. Make sure you print this out for your own information.  Read More

Understanding and Coping with PTSD

1. What is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
A. War-Zone Experiences Can Be Traumatic
B. Reactions to Traumatic Events Can Develop into PTSD
C. PTSD Is a Common Problem and It Is Not New
D. The Biological Basis of PTSD
E. Three Main Kinds of PTSD Symptoms
F. Other Problems That Can Go Along with PTSD
G. PTSD Can Impair Work and School Functioning
H. Understanding the Trauma Survivor’s Anger

2. How Does PTSD Affect Families?
A. Families Can Have Many Reactions
B. What Can Families Do to Care for Themselves and Their Family Member with PTSD?
C. The Family’s Role in Helping Their Family Member with PTSD to Seek
Professional Help
D. The Family’s Role in Treatment

3. The Recovery Process: Improving Coping, Finding Treatment
A. Coping with PTSD
B. Lifestyle Changes – Taking Control
C. What Happens in Treatment for PTSD?
D. What to Ask Your Doctor
E. What Are Treatment Options for Partners of Individuals with PTSD?
F. VA Services for Veterans: Where to Go for Help

4. Useful Internet Links
5. Quick Checklist of Questions to Ask Your Doctor

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