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Outside Drain Tile System Installation Completed | PetsLoyal2Vets

Outside Drain Tile System Installation Completed

PetsLoyal2Vets would like to thank all those who donated their time and muscle this past week in getting the 320 foot trench dug out around the entire building, insulation installed, gravel layed in and covered.  We finished just 1/2 hour before Saturday’s rains came in.

Group Photo 1

From L-R: Carl Peters, Mike Stauffacher, Ezra Carlson, Savannah Carlson, Karlyn Carlson

Denise Kadrlik of RDO Equipment Rental in Burnsville, MN headed up RDO’s community involvement with a generous donation of a mini excavator and operator, Kelly Wicks. We couldn’t have dug that trench if we wanted to.  Some 30 inches deep and 20 inches wide by hand would break anyone’s back not including all the blisters so a huge thank you goes out to our friends at RDO Equipment Rental. A hardy thank you goes out Adam, Denise, Bo and Max Rueger, Mike Stauffacher, Karlyn Carlson, Savannah and Ezra Carlson, Carl Peters, Matt & Angie Bundy and Mary LeBaron who shoveled tons of gravel into wheel-borrows and buckets.  This project would not have been completed if it weren’t for all their hard work.


Rueger Family

From L-R: Max Rueger, Adam Rueger, Denise Rueger, Bo Rueger, kneeling is Angie Bundy, Matt Bundy was out shoveling

Now, we can’t wait to start phase 1 of our inside renovation and welcome volunteers, experienced construction helpers, military veterans or reservists who want to be a part of Minnesota’s first veterans only Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) and Companion/Therapy Dog (CTD) training center.  If you know of a Minnesota veteran diagnosed and treated for PTSD, TBI or physical assault traumas who could use a well trained PSD or CTD, please forward them to the Dog Application page under the “Shelters” tab in the main menu. We are here to assist veterans in their transition from hopelessness and seclusion to a new beginning.

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