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Electrical & Plumbing Contractors Wanted | PetsLoyal2Vets

Electrical & Plumbing Contractors Wanted

PetsLoayl2Vets is seeking local electrical and plumbing contractors who participate in community non-profit charitable projects who, as part of their company charter or giving programs, contribute or sponsor a company who can donate a portion of their services to charitable programs.

There are many great electrical and plumbing companies in the Twin Cities. Finding one or two contractors who pay it forward to promote a worthy cause helping disabled veterans is all we ask. If your company has provided such services in the past and would like to help Minnesota veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI and physical assault traumas, and also make a difference for dozens of homeless dogs, please see our sponsors page for the general layout of the facility.  


Veterans should not have to wait up to four years for a trained dog or have to travel to the East and West Coasts, or to Florida and other Southern states when we can build them a training center right here in Minnesota. Your charitable donation to PetsLoyal2Vets is tax-deductible and will serve hundreds of veterans and trained companion, therapy and Psychiatric service dogs.

Just about everyone knows a veteran or has a veteran in their family or work place.  As a volunteer contractor, you can be proud that your contribution as our electrical or plumbing contractor will provide a service for Minnesota veterans which will expand into other large population cities in Minnesota and eventually help save the lives of many veterans. With 8 veterans currently waiting for a new dog, time is of the essence.  Having to wait for up to 4 years might as well be a lifetime away for those who need help now. 

If you are a local Twin Cities based electrical/mechanical contractor looking for a charitable organization your company can support before year end, while gaining valuable tax deduction benefits, please contact PetsLoyal2Vets asap.

With 18 veterans committing suicide everyday in this country, will your company step up to the plate and help us by donating your services. The life you save may very well be a family member, co-worker or neighbor.

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