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Think About Our Deployed Service Members | PetsLoyal2Vets

Think About Our Deployed Service Members

How often do you take the time to think about soldiers in far off lands pulling duty day after day in country, walking mile after mile in the desert heat, stuck far from news sources, bobbing endlessly in the middle of the ocean or high in the skies patrolling, guarding or engaging not realizing what they actually go through on a daily basis.

US Troops in far off lands think about their families and jobs back home wondering how they are doing.  Many have sacrificed their lives, their careers, their jobs, their marriages, their health and yes, their well being so we could enjoy the little things in life.  Those who are abroad miss the little things we back home take for granted. A home town newspaper, a pack of gum, a hot pizza and beer, a Sports Illustrated magazine, or the luxury of watching a baseball or football game.

Female Soldiers Get PTSD Also

Female Soldier on Patrol

Countless have left behind and missed the important things in life like attending their child’s first ballet performance, a child’s birthday or the first day of school, a baptism or their first school sports game and even going to prom on their first date.  Others are starting new families with children born while their father is deployed.  

Employers pick up the slack when Guard members are deployed.  Fire Departments have fewer members on hand when members get deployed.  Warehouse, trucking, banking, no matter what career or position they hold, when Guard members get deployed, if affects us all.

On this brisk fall day here in the Midwest, I ask any of you who read this to remember those past and present who have made one sacrifice after another to remember our deployed service members wherever they are. No matter what your faith, what your politics are or branch of service, these are people, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers to someone back home.  Make it your goal to think about our deployed service members and the heavy sacrifices they are making so we may enjoy the little things in life.

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