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BWW Donates 15% to PetsLoyal2Vets for every meal you order | PetsLoyal2Vets

BWW Donates 15% to PetsLoyal2Vets for every meal you order

BWW LogoPetsLoyal2Vets partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings in Lakeville, MN with their Home Team Advantage program to show support for disabled veterans.  Until December 30, 2013, everytime you go into BWW in Lakeville and tell them you support PetsLoyal2Vets, they will donate 15% to PetsLoyal2Vets in your name. To go even further, BWW will give each coach or head person from your group a Buffalo Wild Wings Coaches Card entitling the coach to a free entree’ worth up to $10 each week during the playing season as a way of saying thanks for sharing your passion, time and experience with their players to build a stronger community.

All you have to do is tell the server you support PetsLoyal2Vets. You can show your wings and support PetsLoyal2Vets at the same time and your head coach (does not have to be a team but a group works fine).  Happy eating!  If you have a group that wants to help out and you haven’t sopped in yet to enjoy some great BWW food, pay a visit to the Lakeville, MN BWW and tell them you are with petsLoyal2Vets.

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