Share this: A fundraising motyorcycle ride has been planned for this coming June 24, 2017 in Rochester, MN by the Combat Veterans Association and the American Legion Riders to raise awareness about PTSD and to raise donations to help train two dogs for veterans enrolled in Pets Loyal 2 Vets training programs. We’d like to [&hellip

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Seeking new dogs for veterans

Share this: Pets Loyal 2 vets is seeking great candidate dogs from the Twin Cities area for veterans in its training programs. These dogs will receive extensive training then partnered up with a veteran. Our current needs have us looking to adopt four great candidate dogs from the Twin Cities area for our veterans. We [&hellip

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2017 Minnesota Veterans Day on the Hill Rally

Share this: 2017 Minnesota Veterans Day on the Hill Rally The Minnesota Commanders’ Task Force (CTF), together with the United Veterans Legislative Council (UVLC) and the Minnesota Association of County Veterans Service Officers (MACVSOs) will be holding a joint Veterans Day on the Hill event to announce their 2017 legislative agendas. Veterans Day on the [&hellip

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4th Category of Dog Added Called the Battle Buddy

Share this: Pets Loyal 2 Vets looks to reach as many veterans in Minnesota who qualify for a trained service dog. But now, we have added a fourth category called the “Battle Buddy”.  Nearly everyone in every branch of military is familiar with the term “Battle Buddy” so we added this category to honor all [&hellip

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What is the process for applying for a dog

Share this: We receive many applications from veterans who are being treated for PTSD, TBI or MST. But sometimes, the applications are submitted prematurely. Hopefully we can explain the process here so veterans and their therapists or doctors wanting to know what those steps are will have clear direction. If you are being treated for [&hellip

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