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Fundraising Partners was created so that anyone can add their own PetsLoyal2Vets fundraising badge to their own web site, twitter account or on a Facebook page helping PetsLoyal2Vets reach its reconstruction goal of just $18,000.00.

Once you create your account, it’s easy to get started. You can upload an image for your fundraising badge, set any goal amount you wish to achieve for yourself and then spread the word on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to co-workers and to everyone you know who support homeless dogs being connected with our military veterans diagnosed and treated for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries and physical assaults while serving in the military.

When you click this fundraising badge, visitors will see who has been the most successful in raising funds for PetsLoyal2Vets. When they click your image or icon, they will be taken to your fundraising badge where they can then donate under your name for PetsLoyal2Vets.

Talk with your family, friends and co-workers who support your charitable efforts. Get them involved in donating to your badge and help homeless dogs and our Minnesota veterans get the services they need and deserve.  Conduct fundraising drives on your own and drive people to your fundraising badge. To maintain your status as a Fundraising Partner on this page, each badge holder must maintain a minimum of $500 raised in any 6 month period of time.  Badges who raise zero amounts in any quarter will be removed for lack of activity. The point for having a fundraising badge is to help generate donations in your name to Pets Loyal 2 Vets. 

Each calendar year, the top Fundraising Partner who has successfully matched or exceeded the $1,000.00 goal will receive a very nicely engraved plaque acknowledging their efforts and a permanent listing on our website under the Fundraising Partners page.

Thinking about helping others and not acting on it, serves little purpose.  Getting involved and paying it forward with PetsLoyal2Vets fundraising badges helps change the life of a homeless dog looking for a new home and a veteran who served their country and is returning home.

Get your fundraising badge listed below and start raising funds for PetsLoyal2Vets today. The life of a homeless dog and a fellow Minnesota veteran may very well depend on it.

Become A Fundraiser

Setting up your personal account at is easy and fun.



11 Comments On “Fundraising Partners”

  1. Hi Chris

    We sent information to you guys last summer and was told you were interested in making a donation but we never heard back from anyone. If you are still interested, please contact me at 612-396-3369.


  2. Hi Tim

    You can call Jeff LeBaron at 612-396-3369.

  3. Originally founded in October, 2012 and then officially registered with the state of Minnesota in February 2013 and then officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non profit in July 2013. You can learn more on our About page.

  4. First you will need to leave more information and how you would like to be involved. You can also use our contact page to send us your information. Please remember to include your name and phone number.


  5. dear pets loyal to vets, me and my school might donate to you. We were wondering what date this was founded

  6. What date was this founded?

  7. Click on the contact form at the bottom of the page and send in your request.

  8. I belong to the Leathernecks MCI. We are looking to get a contact point for this service. We have noticed a drop in the helping of our disabled vets in need. Please get us a person to talk to as we in Minnesota LMCI look to help our Veterans in need.

  9. I am looking to get a contact point for my club we wish to get involved with this veteran service. We are seeing a drop in assistance to veterans, and wish to put our veteran organization out there to help other vets.

  10. The veteran does not purchase the dog. Pets Loyal 2 Vets pays all the adoption fees to area rescue groups. The current waiting list is about two to three months. Not bad compared to many organizations around the country who have a 2-4 years waiting list. Thank you for your interest in supporting veterans through Pets Loyal 2 Vets.
    These five dogs graduated in January 2017.

    If you have more specific questions, please call me at 612-396-3369.

    Jeff LeBaron
    Executive Director

  11. Please give me an education on what being a sponsor entails. How much $$ does a veteran need to purchase a service dog? Is there a waiting list of veterans in need of a dog? North Star Detachment and the North Star Veterans are interested in helping. Please contact me so I can get more information on your program.

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