To volunteer for any cause is to show kindness and devotion for others. It is recognized that jobs, family and personal time are important when looking at devoting unpaid time to others. Please understand how vital volunteering is and the time needed when applying for any of these volunteer positions as we do not want to waste your time if you cannot dedicate the time it takes to effectively promote Pets Loyal 2 Vets vision, mission and goals. Please read through our site, familiarize yourself with what we do and only apply for a position which you are qualified and able to fill. These forms may change from time to time to more accurately reflect updates to the position. When applying for any position here, please only apply for that position listed on the application. If you are interested in a position that is not posted here yet, please use our contact page form and explain what you are interested in volunteering for and someone will be happy to contact you. If you were referred to Pets Loyal 2 Vets or know someone who currently volunteers here, please let us know so we can thank them. * Advisory Board * Executive Board Position * Director of Development * Dog Trainer (must be certified and experienced) * Marketing Director * Social Media Director * Volunteer
Title Board Adviser
Job Information

PL2V LogoGiving back a little of your time to further the goals and mission of the organization is self sacrificing. Your expertise and knowledge will travel far in supporting our veterans through PetsLoyal2Vets programs.

Minnesota Advisers will have important input into our training programs, mental health services, finance, campaigns, public relations, veterinary medicine, dog diets and Psychiatric service dog training, services and state wide expansion opportunities of a non-profit organization that will shape the needs and goals for Minnesota veterans for years to come as it relates to their specific backgrounds. It’s not about personal glory and recognition. PetsLoyal2Vets is all about helping others. Reaching out and touching another person’s life while making a difference and experiencing personal growth from the inside out.  To be considered as an adviser, you must be able to fit into one of the positions we are looking to fill that are listed below.  Simply wanting to be an adviser for Pets Loyal 2 Vets is not what we are looking for.  If you officially represent one of the organizations below, and want to be an adviser for us, you must be currently serving on their board or listed as a committee chair to be considered.  

All advisory board positions are voluntary but must attend at least 4 of the 12 meetings during their one year term. All Advisers must maintain a positive professional demeanor in good standing. Volunteer advisory role positions do not carry voting rights as Executive Board members or Directors do. Advisers cannot create or write policy, interfere with policy or the company By Laws. Advisers can sit in on general meetings and provide general input as it relates to their skills and background but all advisers serve only in a limited capacity. If selected as an Adviser for Pets Loyal 2 Vets, you will be attending board meetings. For the sake of clarification, Advisers answer to the Executive Director. Advisers provide relevant information, suggestions and or recommendations to the Executive Director two weeks prior to a board meeting, providing sufficient time to review and add suggestions to the next monthly board meeting agenda.

Adviser Positions    
Dept. of Veterans Affairs  
County Veteran Service Officer  
Human Resources Advisor
VFW Post Representative
American Legion Representative  
Veterans Resource Center Rep  
Dog Veterinary Technician
VA Hospital PTSD / TBI Therapist  
VA Hospital Mental Health Nurse  
VA Hospital Veterans Social Worker  

Advisers answer directly to the Executive Director and then to the full board.  Advisory board selection will be made by the Executive Director and if need be, terminated by the Executive Director. The Advisory Board was formed to embody the mission and goals of the organization with professionals from throughout the community to offer a broader consensus into program development and future planning.

The Executive Director will interview candidates and when an appropriate candidate has been selected, will provide his recommendation to the board.  Because all advisers are not held to the same standards, policies and fiscal responsibilities as are board members who are voted in, advisers must adhere to prudent organizational standards but cannot:

  • Sit in on Executive Board (leadership) decisions
  • Affect corporate policy changes
  • Write policy for the organization
  • Does not have access to company forms, accounts, client lists, e-mails, names and contact info of volunteers, donors or sponsors
  • Must use a personal e-mail address and not a business or employer e-mail when communicating with any Board member on Pets Loyal 2 Vets matters
  • Attack other board members or volunteers
  • Cannot hold a committee chair position
  • Cannot Vote on any business related topics
  • Must not have any conflicts of interest whatsoever
  • May not send or receive company confidential information

Advisory Board Members Primary Function is to:  Advise

  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to the Executive Director based on their field of expertise
  • May volunteer for one committee if they choose to
  • May volunteer at fundraisers and special events outside of their area of expertise to refrain from any potential conflicts of interest
  • Adviser positions are typically held for 1 year terms unless otherwise noted by the Executive Director


  • Opportunity to share professional expertise, insights, and experiences to board members
  • Help guide the organization’s strategy in a positive direction
  • Experience valuable networking opportunities with peers in the profession
  • Engage in strategic dialogue about the organization and it’s mission and how you can support them
  • Help veterans treated for PTSD and TBI receive a trained dog
  • Participate with the knowledge that Pets Loyal 2 Vets values your time and expertise at events and fundraisers
  • Participate in committee work and sharpen your business leadership skills in a supportive environment

US Military Veterans are encouraged to apply

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Title Board Treasurer
Start Date 2017-08-01
Job Information

Pets Loyal 2 Vets seeks an experienced book keeper / accountant to manage our books, financial affairs, accounts payable and incoming donations, preparation for tax season and working with our accountant to prepare monthly and year end reports.

You will answer to the Executive Director and communicate with board members. You will attend monthly board meetings and provide up to date financial reports and have full voting rights on financial matters.


  • You must have a 4 year degree in finance or accounting
  • 4 years or more successful experience in accounting and bookkeeping
  • In depth knowledge of QuickBooks accounting system
  • Non-profit experience a plus

Essential Duties:

  • Accurate Accounts Payable and Receivables
  • Sending reports to accontant each month
  • Accounting for all funds received and spent
  • Generating monthly financial reports as required
  • Tracking expenses on our QuickBooks accounting system
  • Provide statistical information for our larger donors and for state agencies
  • Make recommendations to the board as needed
  • Attend monthly board meetings

We are looking for a great volunteer who is trustworthy, accurate, has knowledge and the experience we are looking for. If you are that candidate, have a little time to spend, enjoy a non-profit environment, we’d surely like to hear from you.

Serious candidates can send their resume to: along with a cover letter and three professional non-profit or bookkeeping references. All qualifying candidates will be considered.  Veteran status a big plus.

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Title Community Outreach Representative
Start Date 2017-05-01
Job Information

Community Outreach Representative

Pets Loyal 2 Vets Community Outreach Representatives are the front line communicators who helkp spread the word to fellow Veterans and Veteran organizations throughout their communities such as the American Legion, DAV, VFW, County Veteran Service Officers and AMVETS, Marine Corps Leagues, CBOC and VA Hospital staff etc., to let them know Pets Loyal 2 Vets is here to support fellow Veterans.

Our services are completely free to Veterans enrolled in our programs for service connected PTSD, TBI and MST injuries while serving active or reserve duty. PL2V provides highly trained dogs to these Veterans and also encourages Veterans to train along-side their new companions at its new training facility in Scott County.

PL2V is looking for one Community Outreach Representative from these cities:

  1. Duluth
  2. Brainerd   (filled)  Natalie Johnson
  3. St. Cloud
  4. Mankato
  5. Rochester
  6. Minneapolis  (filled) Ryann Engholm
  7. St. Paul

As a COR delegate, you must be a Veteran with ties to your community. Hand out your card to people you come in contact with and just spread the word that PL2V can be instrumental in helping Veterans diagnosed with PTSD, TBI or MST injuries and we provide certified dogs to Veterans absolutely free of charge.

If the opportunity arises and an organization, group, or Corporation wishes to donate or fundraise for Pets Loyal 2 Vets, the COR Delegate will keep the Executive Director and Vice President informed so we may assist anyway we can. All COR Delegates must attend a short ½ day orientation and tour of our training facility, to meet the Board of Directors and dog trainer.

If this is an opportunity you wish to explore and represent an organization recognized by the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and the Mental Health Department at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, then please contact us at 612-396-3369 or fill out this application.




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Title Marketing Director
Start Date 2016-07-01
Location Prior Lake, MN
Job Information

PetsLoyal2Vets Marketing Director will be responsible for management of the day to day marketing strategies and marketing affairs of the organization. This PL2V-Logo_125x125position may also include leading a team of volunteer associates.

You will be responsible for assigning tasks to the marketing committee to investigate and report to the board of directors the progress. We seek a fun, outgoing and energetic individual who can promote the vision and mission of the organization who can also realize our vision.

Board directors of a 501(c)(3) are the representatives of the corporation and to the community. They are responsible for ensuring PetsLoyal2Vets is operated in a responsible and transparent manner, and that it meets the needs of the community and veterans. Directors carry the vision forward and are the decision makers for the organization.

Typically, Directors are responsible for:

  • The management of the business and affairs of the corporation as it pertains to their position
  • Provide input into PetsLoyal2Vets charity efforts in carrying out its mission amd goals
  • “Actively participate” in the management of the organization
  • Establish committees and rely on information, opinions or reports of these committees
  • Vote on general business matters and abstain where a conflict of interest exists
  • Be aware of what the financial records disclose and take appropriate action where needed
  • The duty to protect, preserve, invest and manage the corporation’s property and assets
  • “Must assist the organization in obtaining adequate resources to enable it to further its charitable mission”
  • May be required to sign organization documents in the absence of Executive Board Membersd
  • Plan and propose committee projects and goals
  • Follow the organization’s governing documents to carry out the organization’s mission

It is expected that each director understands the time and dedication it takes to fulfill (5 to 10 hours per month) these positions which are critical to the needs and operations of PetsLoyal2Vets and to always seek out opportunities that will provide opportunities for growth. We work in a collaborative team environment but are looking for a skilled Marketing Director who can also work independently and lead the Marketing arm with a creative flare you bring to the table.

The Marketing Director will be responsible for shaping the marketing and promotional strategies of the organization, may attend local trade and consumer shows with other board members and help develop strategic marketing initiatives encompassing the mission and goals of the organization.  This person will report to the Board of Directors and Executive Director and must be committed to the success of the organization, its mission and goals.


  • Must have a 4 year degree in Marketing and Communications and be able to apply marketing principles to a non-profit organization
  • Able to think independently and provide a creative flare in designing of marketing materials
  • Prepare for and attend all monthly board meetings
  • Have 3 or more years experience as a board member, director or equivalent experience with a non-profit organization
  • Posses a high degree of professionalism in both verbal and written communication disciplines
  • Be able to show a successful track record in marketing and promotions and how you can implement that success
  • Work closely with the Executive Director, fellow board members and committees to achieve desired goals of the organization
  • Promote fund-raising events via media outlets, local initiatives and social media channels
  • Be able to meet with local sponsors as needed and drive the organization in a positive direction
  • Be able to work independently and create a Strategic Marketing Plan each year promoting PL2V initiatives
  • Able to complete projects and recommendations from the Executive Board in a timely manner with a sense of acting now, rather than later
  • Able to handle multiple tasks as needed

If you have experience as a board member or director and have wanted to be a part of a worthy cause for Military Veterans and therapy dogs in Minnesota, this may be the opportunity you have waited for. When you volunteer with PetsLoyal2Vets you understand that you are making a commitment of time and effort to promote the organization, its mission and goals and will actively participate in the capacity for which you have applied for.

US Military Veteran preference

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