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PositionBoard Adviser | PetsLoyal2Vets

PositionBoard Adviser

Title Board Adviser
Job Information

PL2V LogoGiving back a little of your time to further the goals and mission of the organization is self sacrificing. Your expertise and knowledge will travel far in supporting our veterans through PetsLoyal2Vets programs.

Minnesota Advisers will have important input into our training programs, mental health services, finance, campaigns, public relations, veterinary medicine, dog diets and Psychiatric service dog training, services and state wide expansion opportunities of a non-profit organization that will shape the needs and goals for Minnesota veterans for years to come as it relates to their specific backgrounds. It’s not about personal glory and recognition. PetsLoyal2Vets is all about helping others. Reaching out and touching another person’s life while making a difference and experiencing personal growth from the inside out.  To be considered as an adviser, you must be able to fit into one of the positions we are looking to fill that are listed below.  Simply wanting to be an adviser for Pets Loyal 2 Vets is not what we are looking for.  If you officially represent one of the organizations below, and want to be an adviser for us, you must be currently serving on their board or listed as a committee chair to be considered.  

All advisory board positions are voluntary but must attend at least 4 of the 12 meetings during their one year term. All Advisers must maintain a positive professional demeanor in good standing. Volunteer advisory role positions do not carry voting rights as Executive Board members or Directors do. Advisers cannot create or write policy, interfere with policy or the company By Laws. Advisers can sit in on general meetings and provide general input as it relates to their skills and background but all advisers serve only in a limited capacity. If selected as an Adviser for Pets Loyal 2 Vets, you will be attending board meetings. For the sake of clarification, Advisers answer to the Executive Director. Advisers provide relevant information, suggestions and or recommendations to the Executive Director two weeks prior to a board meeting, providing sufficient time to review and add suggestions to the next monthly board meeting agenda.

Adviser Positions    
Dept. of Veterans Affairs  
County Veteran Service Officer  
Human Resources Advisor
VFW Post Representative
American Legion Representative  
Veterans Resource Center Rep  
Dog Veterinary Technician
VA Hospital PTSD / TBI Therapist  
VA Hospital Mental Health Nurse  
VA Hospital Veterans Social Worker  

Advisers answer directly to the Executive Director and then to the full board.  Advisory board selection will be made by the Executive Director and if need be, terminated by the Executive Director. The Advisory Board was formed to embody the mission and goals of the organization with professionals from throughout the community to offer a broader consensus into program development and future planning.

The Executive Director will interview candidates and when an appropriate candidate has been selected, will provide his recommendation to the board.  Because all advisers are not held to the same standards, policies and fiscal responsibilities as are board members who are voted in, advisers must adhere to prudent organizational standards but cannot:

  • Sit in on Executive Board (leadership) decisions
  • Affect corporate policy changes
  • Write policy for the organization
  • Does not have access to company forms, accounts, client lists, e-mails, names and contact info of volunteers, donors or sponsors
  • Must use a personal e-mail address and not a business or employer e-mail when communicating with any Board member on Pets Loyal 2 Vets matters
  • Attack other board members or volunteers
  • Cannot hold a committee chair position
  • Cannot Vote on any business related topics
  • Must not have any conflicts of interest whatsoever
  • May not send or receive company confidential information

Advisory Board Members Primary Function is to:  Advise

  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to the Executive Director based on their field of expertise
  • May volunteer for one committee if they choose to
  • May volunteer at fundraisers and special events outside of their area of expertise to refrain from any potential conflicts of interest
  • Adviser positions are typically held for 1 year terms unless otherwise noted by the Executive Director


  • Opportunity to share professional expertise, insights, and experiences to board members
  • Help guide the organization’s strategy in a positive direction
  • Experience valuable networking opportunities with peers in the profession
  • Engage in strategic dialogue about the organization and it’s mission and how you can support them
  • Help veterans treated for PTSD and TBI receive a trained dog
  • Participate with the knowledge that Pets Loyal 2 Vets values your time and expertise at events and fundraisers
  • Participate in committee work and sharpen your business leadership skills in a supportive environment

US Military Veterans are encouraged to apply

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