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Title Executive Board
Location Prior Lake, MN
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PetsLoyal2Vets board members will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan and vision for PetsLoyal2Vets. Board members assign tasks to the committees to investigate and then report back to the board.

PetsLoyal2Vets executive board members are Ambassadors representing the organization throughout their communities, promoting the organization’s mission, goals and are responsible for ensuring PetsLoyal2Vets is operated in a responsible and transparent manner while meeting the needs of the community and disabled veterans. Board Members are the visionary and the decision makers for the organization and must clearly understand by accepting a position on the board, “requires measured time, a solid commitment and active participation.”

We at Pets Loyal 2 Vets take our positions seriously and because we do, we expect new applicants to possess the same spirit and participation.  To be considered by the Executive Board for an open board seat, you must be able to show by way of examples of work, what you can bring to the organization that will achieve both personal as well as professional and organizational growth.  You’ve had a successful past in the non-profit Philenthropic world, so show us what you have done and what you can do for Pets Loyal 2 Vets.

Typically, board members are responsible for:

  • The management of the business and affairs of the corporation
  • Supervise and direct the volunteers at all our events
  • Govern PetsLoyal2Vets charity efforts in carrying out its mission using best practices
  • Actively participates in the management of the organization and refrains from personal agendas
  • Establish committees and rely upon information, opinions or reports of these committees
  • Vote on board actions and abstain where a conflict of interest exists, even if through your employer
  • Follow the organization’s governing documents to carry out the organization’s mission and to assure that funds are used for lawful purposes
  • Be aware of what the financial records disclose and take appropriate action where needed
  • A duty to protect, preserve, invest and manage the corporation’s property and assets confidentially and professionally
  • Assist the organization in obtaining adequate resources to enable it to further its charitable mission
  • May be responsible for signing organization documents
  • Plan and propose committee projects to further its goals and mission
  • Develop a strategic vision and organizational goals
  • Recruit new board members, volunteers and advisory board members
  • Participate on at least one committee
  • Promote attendance at Board/Committee meetings
  • Prepare agendas and take minutes at board meetings
  • Refrain from creating drama or power struggles and to always put the organization’s mission and veterans first
  • Plan and propose committee organization changes
  • Settle differences between Committees or volunteers


  • 4 year degree in respective field
  • Minimum 2 years experience as an executive level board member in a non-profit environment
  • Posses a high degree of professionalism in both verbal and written communication skills
  • Actively involved in fundraising, sponsor solicitation, community involvement and promoting the organization
  • Be able to show a successful track record as a previous board member or director in a non-profit organization
  • Must be able to devote the necessary time it takes fulfilling duties and obligations and assigned tasks
  • Possess a successful track record with verified results
  • Work closely with fellow board members and committees to achieve desired goals of the organization
  • Attend and participate in fund-raising efforts and events
  • Attend and prepare for monthly board meetings and provide presentations where needed
  • Must be committed to the success of the organization, its mission to veterans and the community while refraining from personal agendas

Do you have experience as a board member, director or possess corporate leadership and want to be a part of a worthy cause for Military Veterans and therapy dogs in Minnesota? We seek polished individuals with integrity, ethics and a strong since of envolvement who aren’t afraid to get involved.  Want to help shape our programs, fulfill veterans needs and help place homeless dogs into the hands of needy veterans, then click apply. Volunteer as an executive level board member with PetsLoyal2Vets and help PetsLoyal2Vets connect Minnesota Veterans with highly trained Minnesota dogs.

If you have no conflicts of interest with other organizations or through your employer and truly want to make a difference, your time spent helping save the life of a dog and fulfilling the animal assisted needs of a disabled Minnesota veteran will impact the needs of both forever.

Executive Board of Director Positions must be a veteran to hold and within 25 miles of Burnsville, Minnesota:  May vote on all business matters brought before the board. Open positions we are looking to fill are: The foillowing three positions require that you be a Minnesota Veteran.

  1. Executive Director
  2. President
  3. Vice President

Open Position(s)

  • Secretary

Help us achieve our goals, save not only the life of a dog but more importantly, the life of a Minnesota veteran and bring life to this program by connecting Minnesota Veterans with a highly trained companion, skilled companion or psychiatric service dog by volunteering your expertise as a PetsLoyal2Vets board member. If you wish to be considered for any seat, you must first apply for that position here and we will be happy to contact you.  If all seats are filled, you can still be considered for any of these positions once they become available or apply for an Advisory Board member position.

* is an IRS registered 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization.

* US Military Veteran preference, VFW & Legion post members and retired military encouraged to apply
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