Donate is one of only a few organizations in the country to exclusively train rescue dogs from shelters as a vital component for a veterans psychological well being. Whether they require a companion, therapy or Psychiatric service dog, Minnesota men and women veterans diagnosed and treated for military connected PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), or physical assault traumas can now be assured, they will not have to travel for weeks on end to far off states to receive a new dog free of charge. The Fundly donation badge to the right side of this page will take you to our donation page where you may type in any amount. A receipt will be e-mailed to you for your tax records.

Depending on the amount of previous training our candidate dogs have had prior to being adopted, it can take from 1 to 3 months to train companion dogs and 6 to 9 months for a certified therapy dog both of which must pass the CGC Canine Good Citizen Certification classes first.  Costs to trained these diogs for veterans include typical training certifications from American Kennel Club (AKC), Therapy Dogs International (TDI), Assistance Dogs International (ADI) boarding and veterinarian fees, application of all ADA/ADI state laws, feed and personal care for each dog and veteran/dog in training.

Not every veteran will require a PSD which is why we will also train dogs for companionship and therapy. PSD’s have all the public access rights as other service dogs.   PetsLoyal2Vets has been asked if we will train a veteran’s existing dog to service their needs. Depending on age, character, health, prior training and if the dog is a trainable candidate and passes our basic obedience CGC training, we will work with the veteran and their dog.

Our goal is to obtain and train from 40 to 50 Companion/Therapy Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dogs per year to meet the demands of our military veterans.  In the years to come, the numbers of female veterans treated for PTSD, TBI and physical assault traumas will increase and we plan to be ready to meet the needs for our female vets as well. As our services and veteran needs grow, we intend to expand these services through local chapters in Minnesota’s larger population centers so we can effectively reach and support more veterans.  If we save just one life, the program was a success.

Hearing the stories of veteran after veteran having to wait up to four years and then has to travel to the West or East coasts, Florida, New Mexico or Arizona when we should be providing these services right here in Minnesota.  When you see a veteran in a store, movie theater, at work or at a ball game, you don’t know what their story is and every veteran has a story.  Seeing their eyes light up and a smile on their face when they connect with a dog that is dedicated to helping them day after day is a moment you will never forget.

We rely solely upon the support of the community, foundation grants, corporate giving programs, sponsors, grants and donations to achieve these goals. Your donation today will help make a major difference and impact in the lives of our veterans and their new companion/therapy or service dog. Please click the title of the donation badge to the right or the donate button on the bottom right for a safe and secure method of making a tax free contribution. You will receive a thank you receipt for your tax and accounting records.

Ways you can Donate:

Bank Deposits:  Send to Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union: 17555 Kenwood Trail West, Lakeville, MN 55044 Ph: (651) 312-9761 Toll Free: (800) 322-7228 make check payable to: Pets Loyal 2 Vets.

Cash Donations, Checks and Credit Cards

Click the Donate Widget Badge on Our WebSite

Text to Donate via Mobile Devices (coming soon)

Automated Monthly Payments via the donate badge to the right

Gift of Equipment and Operator Use

Donations in Kind (materials)

Vehicle Donations – to transport dogs

Estate Planning Donations

Memorial Gifts in Memory of a pet or person

Companion or Therapy Dog Sponsorships

Psychiatric Service Dog Sponsorships

Corporate Giving & Employee Programs

Anonymous Donations

The following graphic illustrates the different gifting levels of support.


All inquiries for support are welcome and we are happy to meet with any contributor or volunteer to discuss how your contribution will benefit both veterans and homeless dogs alike. Feel free to contact us below for any reason.  Our veteran men and women gave to this country so we could enjoy the little things in life. Now, you can help give back by submitting your tax deductible donation to Pets Loyal 2 Vets. Help save our Minnesota men and women and help heal depression, anxiety and stop needless suicides today.

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