The following names, organizations and companies are recognized for their generous donations and support.  

Special Recognition: A special thank you goes out to our top two donors who have provided incredible support for Pets Loyal 2 Vets crucial programs for veterans diagnosed and treated for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Military Physical Assault Traumas. Click each image below to learn more about these two great programs.

Chuck N Dons  We wish to thank Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlets for their generous donation of $86,182.11 during the June/July 2015 Awareness Campaign driven through their 26 stores. The employees were fantastic and their customers were very supportive. We visited all 26 stores and discussed our programs with customers who were very supportive of helping veterans and in making their donations.

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs - Support Our Troops License Plate Program raises funds to distribute to Minnesota non-profit organizations and in July 2016, Pets Loyal 2 Vets was awarded with a two year grant as part of the Support Our Troops License Plate Program with an incredible donation of $65.000.  We can't thank these two fine Grantors enough for their incredible support and donations.The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs – Support Our Troops License Plate Program raises funds to distribute to Minnesota non-profit organizations and in July 2016, Pets Loyal 2 Vets was awarded with a two year grant as part of the Support Our Troops License Plate Program with an incredible donation of $65.000. To learn more go to:


If you are looking to donate to the “In Memory of” section below, and want specific information mentioned, please send your comments to so we make sure that gets listed.  Depending on the donation portal you select on this web site, will depend on whether you are able to leave additional information.  If in doubt, please send us an e-mail with all of the relevant information so we can post it on your behalf.

$10,000 Medal of Honor $5,000 Silver Star $2,500 Bronze Star $1,000 Purple Heart $500 Service Medal 
American Legion Post #580 Jerry & Elle Blomquist American Legion Post #282 American Legion Post #1776 Affinity Plus, Lakeville, MN
Minneapolis Electrical Industry Support The Troops Anonymous  Cleary Lake Animal Hospital Jill DuLac, Dental Edina, MN
Prior Lake Lions American Legion Post #435   Interstate Truck Driving School Minnesota AMVETS
Petco Mendota, Minnesota AMVETS   Bubbly Paws St. Louis Park, MN    American Legion Post #435
Bryan McDonough Military Heroes Foundation     PetSmart   Remember Rally, Luverne, MN Peter Fischer
  Prior Lake Lions   Susan Ritter Liza Robson
  American Legion Post #580   Apple Valley Redimix Cleary Lake Animal Hospital
  Tee It Up For The Troops   American Legion Post #1776 McCauley Family Charitable Fund  
      American Legion Post #1776 Don Himsl
      Team Chevrolet Ft. Snelling Chapel Foundation 
      Interstate Truck Driving School Peter & Cynthia Christensen
      Phil & Brenda Atkinson Forest Lake, MN VFW # 4210
      Bruce, Kathy & Michael Boe Eric & Kathy Bunkers
      Remember Rally, Luverne, MN Judith Weidt
      Petsmart  Renee Berens
      Ft. Snelling Chapel Foundation Great Clips, Inc.
      Bell Mortgage State Bank & Trust Philip & Brenda Atkinson 
      Little Family Foundation  Schwab Charitable 
      DaVita Inc.   
St. Francis American Legion Post 622
$250 Rescued Dog $100 Veteran Buddy  $50 Camp Buddy $25 Dog Buddy $10 Honorable Mention
Debra Chellsen Nick & Wendy Rueger Barbara Strank Trevor Stewart Susan Weikum-Johnson
Suzanne Ricecreek Cheryl Smoley Michael Franz Alexandra Hennekens Anonymous
J.C. Younger Company Gary & Sue Slatter Linda Worel Melissa Schedler Anonymous
Terrill Herbig Affinity Plus, St. Paul, MN Jeanne Wolf Josi Severson Affinity Plus, Lakeville, MN
LeAnn Zogg Mary & Carl Peters DAV Precious Metals     Affinity Plus, Lakeville, MN Jeff Perkins
Lisa Willy Thrivent Financial Mike Wooten Wendy Apitz Douglas Wheeler
  American Legion Post #334 Barb Ranum Tricia Harder Diana Lillicrap
  Lawrence Fryklund Jr. Heather Mickus Cameron Sherrard Vicki Andersen
  Margaret Fryklund Kim Delgado Margaret Schiller  Sara Kaley
  VFW Post #2757 Charles Puleston  James Mather Kathy Reddin
  Kevin Burkart Alyssa Knipp Abby Methven  Anonymous
  Jodi Byland Jerry Olson  David Lies Kathrine Sherrard
  Marine Corp League, Savage,   MN              Love Nyala Kristin Hanson Sally Cleland
  Tara O’Neil Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post #3839            Kevin Ireland Sharon Hambley x 16
  Mary Hoglund Rosanne ONeill  Lori Swanson  Rachel Rixen
  Cindy Gaup Amanda Meyer  Lori Haines Robert Conrad 
  Vicki Sheaffer Anne Seaberg  Ronald & Donna Fraker Tom McKenna
  Thomas Diehl Kathleen Hunt Theo Cowdin Fred Jurewicz 
  Richard Fell Joan Kay Blaska  Ann Miller   
  Robert & Sharyl Shockman Joseph & Stephanie Newinski   George & Marianne Nold   
  Susan B. Bibi O’Connell  Robert & Kathleen Friendt   
  Jack LeBaron x 4   Michelle Gust   
  Heidi Hoff      
  Ian Bagg      
  Judith Aretz      
  Forest Lake VFW Post #4210      
  American Legion Auxiliary Post #224      
  Cynthia & RO Snow      
  Ann Dale      
  Beverly Taki      
  Barry & Carol Eklund      
Lissa Walter
Pamela Fehn
Eonna Scanlon

Special donations that do not fall within any of the categories above:

Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce $2,530.00   William & Mary Sova                  $320.00
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts    $350.00   Hildebrand Concessions, Inc.     $350.00
American Legion Post#643 $200.00   American Legion Post #111 Sommerset, WI $200.00
Grainger Foundation $3,500.00   Wendy Breheim $58.00
Hopkins VFW Post #425 $300.00   Brenda Buckles  $185.00
Fox Graphics $1,500.00   Phillip & Shelley Wallander  $29.00
Blue Star Mothers of Minnesota Chap 8 $4,000.00   Anthony Glyzinski  $150.00
Wilmer, MN American Legion Junior Auxiliary  $600.00   Janine Albertson  $30.00
NCI Fleet Services $575.00   Michael & rebecca Barbacovi  $30.00
NCI Holdings $1,120.00   Jennifer Goodale  $155.00
Mary Kallstrom $20.00   Shannon Nee $427.00
Barb Dvorak St Aubin $20.00   Gerald Cadwell  $225.00
Margaret Duenow $30.00   Robert & carol Hochhalter  $162.00
Mdewakanton Sioux Community $3,500.00   Edward & Vicki Lawry  $62.00
Chuck N Don’s Pets Food Outlets $86,182.11   Kevin & Charlene Nygaard  $75.00
I Heart Radio Cities 97 $15,000   Charles & Annette Johnson  $75.00
Rosemount Post 9433 VFW Auxiliary $1,200.00   Jamie Rasmussen   $450.00
James & Dianna Burton, Olympia, WA $200.00   Dawn Caruso   $200.00 
Dana Briggs $200.00   Crossfit URSA Ramsey, MN $1,500.00 
Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post #3839 District 6 $282.00   The Benevity Community Impact Fund $100.25 
Mt. Hermon Evangelical Lutheran Church $270.00   Community Shares of Minnesota $200.00 
I Heart Radio Cities 97 $15,000   The K Foundation $118.88 
Minnesota Dept. of Veteran Affairs – SOT $65,000    
HOM Furniture, Inc. Coon Rapids, MN $500.00
The Benevity Community Impact Fund $492.46
John Gustafson $40.00
Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Chanhassen, MN $482.00
Church of the Blessed Sacrament  $930.00
Tamara Barlette $1,210.00
Bob & Brenda Schuster $1,292.50
In Memory of:  This section is dedicated in memory of a special Veteran or family dog.
Donor                         Amount        In Memory of                  
American Legion Post #259 $300 “Doug Pahl”
Debra Chellsen $250 “Hazel” & all our rescued pets
Linda Worel $50 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Janet & Jack Worel $10  “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Kenneth Anderson $25 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Mary & Roger Stelljes $25 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Lorraine Enger $25 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Robert & Lucia Haugh $25 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Nancy Rheinhart $30 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Merrilee Riley $50 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran
Tom & Jacqueline LeVesque $310 “Robert C. Baker” a WWII Veteran   
Kurt Hauf $50 “Ben Akkerman” 
Jerry & Elle Blomquist $5,000 “Nathan Blomquist” Iraq Veteran
Sharyn Eddleston $400 “Greg Eddleston” Iraq Veteran
Fox Graphics LTD. $1,500 “Zachary Rehberger”
Maggie, Hal, Buster and Trigger Bass  $25 “Spike”
Debra Dusterfhoft $400 “Gary Dusterhoft”  U.S. Navy
Delores Johnson $50 “Al Johnson”
William L. Johnson Family Charitable Fund $50 “David Roy Malzahn”
Solution Builders Inc. $300 “David Roy Malzahn”
David Hensen & Marilyn Allpress $50  “David Roy Malzahn”
Victoria Aryeetey $100 “David Roy Malzahn”
Angela Davis $100 “David Roy Malzahn”
Jessica Nowell $100 “David Roy Malzahn”
Lisa Schmidt $100 “David Roy Malzahn”
Amanda Meyer  $25 “Spike Bass”
Kathleen Sorensen & Family $1,525 “Eugene F. Sorensen  U.S. Air Force, Korea 
A special tribute to Doug Phal
Doug Pahl was a veteran and a die hard concrete mason who was suddenly taken while on his way to another concrete job. He loved working with concrete and for those who don’t know, Doug was one of the crew who laid and hand finished the concrete in the Pets Loyal 2 Vets training facility. He is truly missed. To see a photo of Doug and the rest of the concrete crew go to our photo gallery:
A special tribute to Robert C. Baker
Dear Sir:  My wife’s father (Robert C. Baker) passed away early in October 2013 at the age of 92; he was a World War II veteran who served his country as a Seebee in the Southern Pacific during that period. He had always been concerned about his country’s veterans and particularly those who returned from various conflicts over the years with both the hard physical and mental issues that they would be face with upon returning home.
Coupled with his appreciation of what animals are capable of achieving, we thought it appropriate that we request memorials relative to his passing be directed to an organization that was dedicated to assisting these veterans and we especially wanted it to be a local organization. 
For this reason, we found and selected your organization as an appropriate way to follow through with his thoughts and concerns for our veterans. Please find enclosed the donations that were collected for this purpose in the amount of $500.00.
Jackie & Tom LeVesque 
Minnetonka, MN
A special tribute to Veteran Nathan Blomquist
Nathan served in the 6/8 Calvary in Iraq, then was suddenly taken away in a car accident in Minnesota. 
A special tribute to Greg Eddleston
We are sending you this donation in memory of our son GYST Greg Eddleston, USMC. Greg served in the US Marines for 16 years, did two tours in Iraq and was diagnosed with PTSD. On October 30, 2012, Greg took his own life.  I would like to personally thank you for what you are doing, maybe if Greg had a dog it would have helped and he would be here today. He was a proud Marine and loved what he did.
Sharyn Eddleston
Star Touring & Riding
Twin Chapter 292 Motorcycle Club
Lino Lakes, MN
A special tribute to Eugene F. Sorensen
Gene, as he was known by friends and family, served in the U.S. Air Force in Korea. He grew up with three brothers along the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, MN.  Gene had several dogs through the years and took them camping, fishing, hiking and on a lot of walks together. We in his family will miss Gene and are proud to be a veteran family and hope this donation will help other veterans heal and feel the love of an animal. 

To see your corporate or individual sponsorship listed in the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star or Medal of Honor category, click our donation badge on our home page. It’s easy and fast when you use a debit or credit card. You will receive acknowledgment of your contribution and we will e-mail you a personalized receipt.  All donors from the $1,000 Purple Heart Medal to the $10,000 Medal of Honor category will receive a handsome personalized donor’s package and permanent recognition on our website and training center.

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