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PTSD | PetsLoyal2Vets


These are the stories of Veterans and their families who have experienced the symptoms of PTSD and TBI. Their stories are real and so are their dogs that helped them through it. Too often, PTSD and TBI is misunderstood by family, friends and employers.

Many employers will say they are veteran friendly and will even stand by you when you need help, but behind the scenes, can make your job difficult and even impossible in order to force you out of work.  They often see veterans as a liability instead of an asset. Family members who do not understand the symptoms and triggers associated with PTSD and TBI can often be the cause of flare ups and increased problems.  Spouses and children can also develop secondary PTSD symptoms when living with a spouse or partner who has PTSD which is why it is so important to have family support.

Secondary PTSD comes from mirroring the one with PTSD. Kind of like re-experiencing their trauma as your own. You have listened to the one with PTSD, what happened to them, details of the trauma, know their triggers, and in trying to help them avoid things which can trigger their PTSD you in a way start living their trauma as if it were your own. You start experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc when the triggers of the PTSD veteran now become the triggers of the spouse.

Many web sites discuss secondary PTSD so we have included some of them here for quick reference.

The Veterans Voice   PTSD and Wives: Wives of men who have PTSD can develop secondary PTSD

Family of a Vet   Secondary PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Military Spouse   PTSD and Military Spouses

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These short films are the property of the individuals and therapy dog organizations in America and are posted here as a testimony to how important the role of a companion or therapy dog can be used in active duty and for treatment and rehabilitation of Veterans diagnosed with PTSD and TBI