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When the VA System Breaches Your Trust | PetsLoyal2Vets

When the VA System Breaches Your Trust

What happens when the Minneapolis VA Hospital or any of their Community Based Outpatient Clinics also known as CBOC’s (some are VA Clinics, some are civilian contractors) breaches your trust and publishes confidential information you shared with your doctor, therapists, social worker or Psychiatrist that you asked them not to include in your records. Well, it happenms more than you know. Just ask any veteran who has decided to go to a civilian clinic and you’ll probably hear a handfull of reasons why they left the VA system.

Here is a story published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on January 12, 2016 called: Privacy violations on the rise at Minnesota’s VA facilities and just one man’s story. http://www.startribune.com/privacy-violations-on-the-ris…/…/

As the saying goes: Don’t disclose anything to anyone in the VA system that you don’t want others to know. Be conscious of the questions you are being asked and always look at your records and review them on https://www.myhealth.va.gov/index.html for incorrect information, information you shared but asked not to be included in your records. If you feel your trust has been breached, contact the Patient Advocate office on the main floor by the DAV office and ask them to contest that information. They will open a case and send you to the Privacy Information office in the basement where you will fill out the required forms to have incorrect or confidential information removed. You will within a few weeks receive an approval or denial. If you are denied, appeal this until you receive satisfaction. This also applies to other states and their VA systems.

It’s a shame that CBOC’s and VA Hospital employees go against the wishes of veterans and breach their trust just to get information into their files. Remember, everything you say can and may be used against you when the time comes for disability evaluation hearings so always think before you disclose. Posted as a community service to all veterans everywhere.